Tachikoma.io configuration (optional)

By default, Tachikoma.io uses `none` strategy with no additional setup.

Custom configuration of the style guide is entirely optional and is achieved by specifying rules in .tachikoma.yml file.

Tachikoma.io uses Tachikoma v4.2.7 gem to handle the pull request. Thus, some of the Tachikoma configuration are supported in Tachikoma.io as well.

Tachikoma.io will look for .tachikoma.yml file in the root of the repo, and apply the custom configuration on top of the default configuration.

Adding custom config

  1. Add a file named .tachikoma.yml to the root of your repo.
  2. Add your custom configuration to .tachikoma.yml file.

    For example:

    strategy: 'bundler' strategy accepts 'bundler' 'carton' 'david' 'none' options.
  3. Commit the changes to your repo, and the following builds will use your custom configuration.


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If you give additional permission write for public repos , you can use shared type pull request.

Support strategies

  • Bundler (Ruby)
  • David (Node.js)
  • Carton (Perl)
  • None-strategy (Default, Only Interval Pull Request)
We have a plan to support other strategies (languages), but we are not familiar with them, so you are welcome to contribute!


It is FREE for PUBLIC repositories.
Monthly subscription for PRIVATE repositories.